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Our Solutions

We provide multiple business, human and technical solutions.

engineering and manufacturing

engineering & manufacturing

Our Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions is a global business unit. We can support our clients in any market, domestic or international.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

We are in the business of helping our clients improve their businesses. Our team includes consultants from all industries that we support and in all areas of business practice.

human capital management-

human capital management

We can help you in finding, hiring and developing your people. Human talent is the greatest investment and greatest risk that any business will ever face.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions

We offers a wide variety of Information Technology Solutions related to engineering and manufacturing systems including product development, manufacturing, and engineering systems.

About us

About Prolim

PROLIM is a leading provider of end-to-end IoT, IT and PLM solutions for 400+ customers in Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare and Industrial Machinery with global operations in the USA, Canada, Europe and India. PROLIM helps customers to improve profitability and efficiency by providing PLM, CAD, CAM, IoT Solutions, Advisory, and Engineering consulting services to worldwide businesses of all sizes, including many Fortune 500/1000 companies.

whats new in networking services ?

Cloud storage

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server data management

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file Routing & switching

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partners & technology

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